Anti-Lockdown Protest 21.04.21

Berlin Anti-Eviction Demonstration: Meuterei Autonomous Bar

Left wing groups demonstrated against the eviction of Meuterei, an autonomous bar in Kreuzberg, Berlin. What started out as a relatively peaceful protest ended up in violence after police encircled demonstrators at the end of the march. 

Anti-lockdown Demonstration Berlin, 20.03.21

Far-right and anti-lockdown groups organised a march in Berlin with the purpose of storming the Reichstag. In reality, they groups only scuffled with cops and intimidated journalists. Some openly displayed far-right, Neo-Nazi symbols and several Heil Hitlers were spotted.

Life After Revolution: Kyiv's Co Living Spaces

Tackling loneliness, political instability and an emerging job market, Vilnyy is a co-living community active in major Ukrainian cities that brings together young people from across the country. Dominic Culverwell stayed at one in Kyiv where 14 people lived in a large four bedroom apartment, paying as little as €100/month in rent. Instead of arguing with each other, the housemates worked together on projects and workshops, helping each other out whenever they could.

Meet the Puppet Fighting Romania's Injustice

Meet the artists behind the giant puppet of Justice, who united demonstrators during Bucharest's violent protests in the summer of 2018.

'Querdenken' protestors demonstrated against proposed further lockdown restrictions, which include a 10pm-5am curfew in Corona hotspots. However, the protest escalated into violence as police and demonstrators clashed in Berlin's Tiergarten.