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This is constructive media not fast media.

We know the news is depressing and leaves you feeling helpless. Instead of focussing on the negatives, we introduce you to the activists, artists, journalists and academics fighting Europe's biggest issues. Not everyone can be an activist, but we want to show you that there are people making a difference in the world and you can help! Connect with them on social media, donate to NGOs or share what you learn online. Europe is facing a crisis: now isn't the time to block out bad news!

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Ende Gelände are a radical climate-activist group formed in Germany in 2015. Although they typically target coal mines, this year the group occupied the ChemCoast Park in Brunsbüttel, 90km north of Hamburg. The park hosts businesses primarily involved in the fossil fuel industry, and will be the location of a planned LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) terminal. As part of a global action called 'Shale Must Fall', Ende Gelände protested against the storage of gas obtained via fracking in the LNG terminal and the wider neo-colonial structures fracking exerts on the Global South. An estimated 2000 activists attended the action from all over the world.


We want to work with organisations, charities and NGOs, both big and small. Together we can help realise your vision and create an impactful event that shakes up the status-quo. 


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